curate the celebration

Lush green lawn

Venue Grandeur

Spanning across 55,000 square feet, offering an opulent space and host to a bunch of amenities.

An ideal host to gathering of 500-2500 people

Spacious wedding and engagement venue

The Lawn

27,000 square feet of lush green space, ornamented with 7,000 square feet of additional pathway.

Birthday parties and anniversary functions
alternative to banquet
open to air

Neem Courtyard

Space for every occasion! This 6000 square feet space, canopied with Neem trees can be an ideal setup for gatherings of 50-350 people

Party plot entrance

Elegant Entrance

We have left no stone unturned to curate a perfect entrance for your Baaratis. The most elegant entrance one can ask for,

Supporting Facilities
Power backup for functions

Ample Power Capacity

We ensure the events are seamless with electric capacity upto 70 kW.

Assisted events

Event Support

Events are special and we know it. Our fantastic team supports you throughout the event to eliminate all possible hassles.

guest room in gondal
Alike hotel rooms

Contemporary Rooms

Bouquet of 5 air-conditioned, non lettable rooms to provide that extra comfort to your guests.

Catering kitchen

Well Planned Kitchen

2250 square feet of well ventilated and ergonomically planned kitchen to cater your event.